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Fischer Ranger 92 Ti

Stabila allmountainskidor som ger säkerhet i alla terränger.

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Regular Price: €614

At the moment: €460


Regular Price: €614

At the moment: €460

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Product Description


Fischer Ranger 92 Ti är en stabil allmountainskida som är säkerheten själv i alla terränger.

Skidorna har en klassisk Sandwich Sidewall-konstruktion, där en AirTec-kärna av trä förstärkt med dubbla titanlager och Air Carbon kombineras med sidoväggar för balanserad flex, perfekt retur och förbättrat kantgrepp, och lättviktskonstruktionen Aeroshape, som är gjord för att öka skidans vridstyvhet.

Skidorna är även utrustade med Free Milled Titanium, som är en extremt robust tillverkningsstandard med synligt titan på ovansidan, Sintered Bases, ett belag med fantastisk glidegenskap och lång hållbarhet, Carbon Tech som ger en balanserad vridstyvhet med hjälp av ett specialnätverk av kolfiber, och Carbon Nose, ett ultratunt brätte med kolfiber som förbättrar stabiliteten.


    • Konstruktion/teknologi: Air Carbon TI 0.5, Carbon Nose, SW-Sidewall, Carbon Tech, Free Milled Titanium
    • Vikt: ca 1850 g
    • Svängradie: 18 m vid 179 cm
    • Sidecut: 122-90-111
    • Rocker längd & höjd: vo. 370/3 hi. 250

Additional Information

Additional Information

Brands Fischer
Sex Lady, Man
Price €614

Ski Picking

To find the right cross country skis for you with the correct chamber so you can enjoy your skiing we're using "Eikermålern"

When you're ordering your cross country skis at our place we're measuring these in Eikermålern and marking them with the following information that describes your skis:

  • HBW: Half Body Weight / Height
  • FBW: Full Body Weight / Height
  • Flex: End chamber measured in %
  • Structure
  • Waxing zones for cold waxes, canned waxes and adhesive waxes (Not on skis made for skating)
  • Marking for the highest height of the chamber and buoyancy marking (Not on skis made for skating)
We're controlling the glide zones so they match and that the glide surfaces matches what the skis should be optimised as. For example if you want a ski for cold, warm or allround conditions

The information that we're marking the skis with is perfect to give us if you're for example lokking for another pair of skis with the same characteristics

Do you want to see a movie (sorry so far only in swedish) on how we're choosing the skis for you with the help of Eikermålern? Check this video out from our ski workshop: 

We're confident that we're doing a good job and because of this we're offering you a chamber warranty and customer satisfaction warranty so that you can try your skis and boots outside.
If you for any reason are not happy with the skis we will change them for you within 90 days

If we have any questions or any doubts about how the skis will fit you we will take contact with you. Do you want contact with our ski workshop? Write an order comment and they will take contact.
If we do not find skis that we're certain will fit you 100% we will take contact with you and offer you some alternatives 

Base Preparation

When you're buyin cross country skis from us you can choose from the following base preparations if you want us to prepare your skis

For glide:

  • Skimateriascraping R-cut
  • Skimateriascraping P-cut of the fabric grinding and polishing
  • Skimateriascraping Racestructure (Skistarts recommendation!)
  • Fluorfree preparation (Skimateria Racestructure + fluorfree specialwax which lasts for up to 200km, can be combined with hotbox)
  • Kuzminscraping
  • Hotbox saturatin of glide (Recommended if you want to use glide waxes)
For grip:
  • Mounted grip tape - A good universal grip for you if you don't want to do waxing yourself
  • Roughening of the kick zone and base wax.(Skistarts recommendation!)
Skistart have during several years worked with cross country skis and accessories and every year we're sending thousands of cross country skis to satisfied customers who can take part of the great things with cross country skiing
Do you have any questions or wish to get in contact with us? Click on "Contact us" in top of the page 

In this film (Sorry only in swedish so far) we will tell you more about our base preparations and how we work in our ski workshop when we're preparing your cross country skis