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At all times, fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes are also seekers. Seekers of their bound- aries; of the flow, the perfect race, the perfect game, the perfect body. They are seekers of endorphines, adventure, and acknowledgement; of inner peace and of harmony with the elements.

Their quest for personal fulfilment is accompanied by the constant desire to optimize and refine: a fitness style, a technique, materials, medical and mental options and nutrition.

No matter what it is that you seek or why you got involved with sports, we are here to assist you in completing your search. It is our conviction that each workout and each competition deserves better than “just so-so” sports nutrition. With the WINFORCE silver drinking bottle, you will set an example. You’re done discussing second rate sports nutrition options, for good. Instead, you can now focus on other things which are just as vital as nutrition.


A few years ago, the WINFORCE story began with a knee injury, a ligament rupture, to be exact. This was nothing unusual for Remo Gugolz, a competitive sportsman and professional food engineer. What was unusual, however, was the way he handled this phase of involuntary immobility. While he enjoyed the opportunity to delve into all manner of job related experiments, he was also anxious to get his life back and to continue his workout regimen. Then, one day, he made a virtue of necessity.

Disenchanted with the range of sports nutrition products that was available at the time, Remo rolled up his sleeves and got to work to create his proprietary replenishment and recovery drinks.

Concocted in his garage, his high-tech products were an immediate success. Before long, his homemade drink creations were in high demand throughout the sports scene. Shortly after, the Swiss citizen decided to make his invention available to a larger group of athletes the world over. To this end, he founded his company, WINFORCE.

Since its inception, WINFORCE has been in the business of setting a benchmark. What started as the consequence of an injury has now become a recipe for success for athletes who want more. It is a story of success made in Switzerland and written by innumerable athletes ranging from ambitious weekend warriors to world and Olympic champions each and every day.


When working out, you need energy. Without energy, you can pack up and go home. Everybody who ever experienced a “bonk” or “hitting the wall” knows that. In addition to a balanced diet, modern sports nutrition products are designed to counter this loss in energy.

However, consuming macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, protein) may prove to be ineffective so long as they are unable to be processed by the body. The downside: stomach trouble and indigestion which are bound to negatively affect and eventually curtail your performance, just as an insufficient supply of energy would. This is why clever athletes trust the liquid nutrition concept created by WINFORCE. Its four major components Carbo Basic Plus, Ultra Energy Complex, Booster and Power Protein respond to the body’s every and varying energy requirements. Plus: the recovery phase they trigger happens noticeably faster. While solid food requires digestion in the stomach, the energy imparted by the “WINFORCE Four” finds its way straight to the locations where it is needed the most, namely to the muscles which are the engines responsible for any and all physical performance.

To discover the benefits of our liquid nutrition concept, you will not need to be an IAM pro and race 3.000 kilometers through France at 40 km per hour. In fact, the benefits of this concept sufficient energy, excellent tolerability, enhanced recovery can already be experienced on a smaller scale. Whether you are a recreational athlete or a crack, there comes a time when we all feel we reached our limits. But why suffer?! Now you can enjoy your favorite sports activity even more.

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