Maplus Artic Base

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BrikoMaplus Artic Base

Ersätter BP1 Green.

Powder paraffin for training use and racing. Use for snow from -30°C. to -10°C. with new or conserved crystal, fine and abrasive, and mixed with artificial snow. Racing use with air humidity < 30%. At high racing level in case of old icy very abrasive snow (spring snow and glacier snow) this paraffin can be used over the fluorocarbon waxes FP4 to increase their long lasting. Clearly the final result will be a lower hydrophobia. It is also used as universal hardener to protect the polyethylene base along the steel edges foils in case of natural or artificial snow very abrasive. Use hot application with the waxing iron.



  1. Place the powder paraffin evenly on all the ski base;
  2. Fix the paraffin each 20 cm. with the waxing iron at a suggested temperature of       150°C. and spread it immediately with a regular forward movement. Repeat the same procedure on all the ski base, then carry out a final passage from the tip to the tail (nearly 3 cm. per second);
  3. Wait at least 15 minutes for the ski wax to harden and the ski base to cool down;
  4. Remove the was in excess with a sharpen plexy scraper doing little pressure;
  5. Free the ski side and edges side from hardened paraffin with the plexy scraper;
  6. Brush the ski base with a soft steel or a soft brass manual brush;
  7. Brush the ski base with a manual or roto hard horsehair brush;

Polish the ski base with a manual or roto soft nylon brush.


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